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Summoning a Succubus for Cuddles After a Bad Day [F4M] [Comfort] [Cuddling] [Kissing] [Sleep Aid]
Sweeter than Revenge πŸ–€ [Friends to lovers]
Forced to Cuddle With a Mean Girl to Warm Up During a Blizzard [Enemies to Lovers]
Friends can kiss friends, right? πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ [Friends to lovers] [Watching a movie] [Tension] [Confession]
Loving You From Space β™‘ [Girlfriend] [Transmission] [I miss you] [Sweet rambling] [Adorkable]
Goth Roommate Wakes You From Your Nightmare πŸ–€ [Tsundere] [Confession] [Cuddles] [Sleep aid]
Shy goth girl wants to be your girlfriend [Friends to lovers] [Party] [Siting in your lap]
I wanted to be more than FWB.. [Friends to lovers] [Wholesome] [Confession]
Sister's Best Friend Comes Over Unexpectedly [Friends to lovers] [Alone] [Cuddles] [After dark]
I Like It When You Hold Me β™‘ [Friends to lovers] [Stargazing] [Roof of your car] [Cuddling]
Best Friend's Sister Is In-Room Sleep Aid Maid At Your Hotel 😳 [Enemies] [Wholesome] [Sleep aid]
Full Moon Turns Your Kitsune Bestie Yandere [Friends to lovers] [Obsessed with you]
Cute Girl Flirts With You At The Back Of Class [Classmates to ?] [Flirting] [Cute] [Sweet]
Your Maid Wakes You From A Nightmare [F4M] [Calming you down] [Helping you sleep] [Sweet]
Tucking a Good Boy Into Bed [Sleep aid] [Wholesome] [Caring] [Whispered] [Friends] [F4M]
I Have No Where Else To Go [Strangers to friends to ?] [Reverse comfort]
Cuddling With Your Tomboy Girlfriend [Friends to lovers] [Embarrassed & awkward] [Sweet]
ASMR RP | First Date With Your Tomboy Girlfriend [Friends to lovers] [Embarrassed & awkward]
ASMR RP | Tomboy Best Friend Confesses Whilst Camping [Friends to lovers] [Comforting you] [Sweet]
ASMR | I Was So Worried About You β™‘ [Friends to lovers] [Scared] [Angry] [Affirmations] [Protective]
A Peachy Christmas Series πŸŽ„ | Episode 16 - NYE, Our Last Night Together [Friends to lovers] [Goth girl]
A Peachy Christmas Series πŸŽ„ | Episode 15 - Cabin Beneath The Stars With Your Crush [Friends to lovers] [Goth girl]
A Peachy Christmas Series πŸŽ„ | Episode 14 - Baking Together [Friends to lovers] [Goth girl]
A Peachy Christmas Series πŸŽ„ | Episode 13 - Christmas Comfort [Friends to lovers] [Goth girl]
A Peachy Christmas Series πŸŽ„ | Episode 12 - Cosy, Sleepy Morning [Friends to lovers] [Goth girl]
A Peachy Christmas Series πŸŽ„ | Episode 11 - Snowed In Together [Friends to lovers] [Goth girl]
A Peachy Christmas Series πŸŽ„ | Episode 10 - Late Night Calls [Friends to lovers] [Goth girl]
A Peachy Christmas Series πŸŽ„ | Episode 9 - Christmas Market Wandering [Friends to lovers] [Goth girl]
A Peachy Christmas Series πŸŽ„ | Episode 8 - Cuddles & Cocoa [Friends to lovers] [Goth girl]
A Peachy Christmas Series πŸŽ„ | Episode 7 - Cold Hands, Warm Heart [Friends to lovers] [Goth girl]
A Peachy Christmas Series πŸŽ„ | Episode 6 - Coffee Date [Friends to lovers] [Goth girl]
A Peachy Christmas Series πŸŽ„ | Episode 5 - Christmas Shopping [Friends to lovers] [Goth girl]
A Peachy Christmas Series πŸŽ„ | Episode 4 - Winter Warming [Friends to lovers] [Goth girl]
A Peachy Christmas Series πŸŽ„ | Episode 3 - Secret Santa [Friends to lovers] [Goth girl]
A Peachy Christmas Series πŸŽ„ | Episode 2 - Kindred Spirits [Friends to lovers] [Goth girl]
A Peachy Christmas Series πŸŽ„ | Episode 1 - The Unexpected Meeting [Friends to lovers] [Goth girl]
I'm In Love With You [Friends to lovers] [Unexpectedly sharing a room] [Confession]
You Feel Like Home [TW: Alcoholism/foster care] [Strangers to ?] [Secret rooftop] [Cuddles]
Goth Co-worker Flusters You [Colleagues to ?] [Teasing] [Flirting] [Party]
Older Neighbour Shelters You [Warming you up] [Caring] [Sitting on the sofa together]
Helpless Vampire Girl Takes You Home [Part 3] [Opening up to you] [Trust] [Sweet]
Witch Sisters Take You In [Ft. @RedAutumnOwl] [Caring for you] [Comforting] [Cuddles] [Sleep aid]
Camping With Your Best Friend [F4A] [Friends to lovers] [Reverse comfort] [Star gazing]
Laugh & I'll Punch You [Friends to lovers] [Tomboy best friend] [Confession]
Best Friend's Goth Sister [Mean] [Cornering you in the woods] [Making a deal]
Head Maid Pampers You [Maid] [Taking care of you] [Relaxing] [Gentle]
Popular Girl Traps You In The Bathroom [F4A] [Enemies to Lovers] [Romantic Tension Bursts]
Duty Over Bounty | The Mandalorian [Enemies to companions] [Reverse comfort] [Star Wars Universe]
Sheltering Your Neighbour From The Storm [Friends to lovers] [F4A] [Reverse comfort] [Powerout] [Intimate] [Cuddling] [Shy, sweet kisses]
Your Sister’s Roommate [F4A] [Visiting Your Sister’s Dorm Room] [Meeting Her Gorgeous Roommate] [Instant Attraction] [Awkward Fdom] [Almost Kissing]
Tipsy Best Friend Confesses Her Love [F4M] [Bringing Your Best Friend Home After She Needed a Ride] [Sweet and Apologetic] [Accidental Confession]
Drinks with Your Tomboy Neighbour [F4A/M] [Friends to lovers] [Tomboy Neighbour] [Hanging out on My Back Porch as the Sun Sets] [Dominant but Embarrassed] [Adorable Confession]
Your Morning Coffee [F4A/M/F] [Secretary Brings You Coffee] [Colleagues to Lovers] [Clumsy but Cute] [Dominant listener]
Teaching Your Best Friend's Bratty Sister A Lesson [F4M] [Enemies to Lovers] [Best Friend’s Bratty Sister] [Finally Teaching Her a Lesson] [Playful Pinning, Tickling & Kissing] [Nearly Getting Caught by Her Brother]
Bought By A Vampire [Part 2] [F4A] [Kind Owner] [Gentle FDom] [Blood Sucking] [Praise]
A Lamia's Loving Embrace [Part 2] [Taking you back to my cave] [Yandere] [Coiling around you] [Comfort] [FDom] [Maybe you can stay with me.. forever] [Sleep aid]
Sneaking Out With The Princess [Knight listener] [Lantern festival] [Atmospheric] [Sweet]
Midnight Beach Walk With The Bridesmaid [Friends to lovers] [Beach walk] [Alone] [Dark] [Natural]
Mafia Heiress Makes You Her Pet [Constrained listener] [Merciful Mafia Daughter] [Good puppy]
Camping With Your Crush [F4A] [Friends to lovers] [Hiking] [Camping] [Sleep in my lap] [Confessing to you while you sleep] [Campfire]
Rainspotting [Girlfriend] [Sleep aid] [Relaxation] [Rain] [Breathing] [Slow]
Trapped With The Popular Girl [Friends to Lovers] [In Your Car] [Truth or Dare]
Best Friend Is Jealous of You Dating [Friends to lovers] [Confession] [Emotional] [Wholesome]
You Deserve The World [F4A] [Confidence boost] [I believe in you] [Keep going] [Supportive friend]
Best Friend Saves Your Life [F4A] [Friends to ?] [Wounded listener] [Worried] [Stitching you up] [Taking care of you]
Japan Adventure [Friends to lovers] [F4A] [Travelling together] [Multi-scene] [Fun] [Sweet] [Confession] [1 hour 16 minutes]
Long, Cosy Morning Together [Girlfriend] [Surprise date day] [Cuddles] [Sweet] [Slice of life]
Your Cute Roommates Want To Hangout With You (Peaches Ending) [Ft. Tashi.MP3] [F4A] [Comfort] [Sweet] [Cheering you up]
Sleepy Cuddles With Older Girlfriend [F4A] [Older girlfriend] [Helping you rest] [Soft rambles] [Snuggles] [Calming] [Sleep aid]
Unexpectedly Dating Your Crush [F4A] [Friends to lovers] [Skinny love] [Watching the Northern Lights together] [Vulnerable & honest] [Fireplace cuddles]
Sister's Mean Goth Friend [F4A] [Older girl x shy listener] [Mean] [Your first kiss] [Damage control comfort] [Affirmations]
Older Loving Girlfriend Comforts You [F4A] [Concerned] [Cuddles] [Praise] [Relaxing]
Sleepy Kitty Girlfriend Demands Cuddles [F4A] [After work snuggles in bed] [Mischievous] [Affectionate licks & ear nommies] [Making biscuits on any available body part] [Falling asleep]
Older Roommate Begs To Sleep With You [F4M] [Friends to lovers] [Comforting] [I really care about you] [Gentle fdom vibes] [Good boy] [Cuddles, head scratches & your first kiss]
Driving Home For Christmas [F4A] [Friends to lovers] [Long drive] [Getting stuck in a snowstorm] [Tense to understanding] [Confession] [Cuddles]
Teased By Your Best Friend's Older Sister [F4A] [PART 5] [Shy listener x older girl] [First vacation together] [Teasing you until you're a blushy mess] but also [Cradling you in my arms & adoring you] [Affirmations] [Making you feel special]
Set Up With The Shy Girl [F4A] [Friends to lovers] [Tension] [Super sweet] [Ft. Red Autumn Owl]
Sleeping during a house party [1 HOUR] [Sleep aid] [Background noise for sleep] [Black screen]
Popular Girl Confesses As You Sleep [F4A] [Friends to Lovers] [House party] [Taking care of you]
Girlfriend Helps You Sleep [F4A] [Making bedtime tea for you] [Relaxing] [Cuddling] [Sleep aid]
Princess Begs You For Help [F4A] [Part 2] [Princess x knight] [Blushing] [Alone together] [Sweet]
You're Safe With Me [F4A] [Girlfriend] [First time cuddling] [Taking things slow] [Comforting]
Medusa protects you [Greek mythology] [Monster girl] [Kuudere] [Protective] [Comfort]
A Lamia's Loving Embrace [Strangers to intimate comfort] [Motherly] [Coiling you] [Affirmations] [Whispers] [Taking care of you]
Lovesick Vampire Thralls You [F4A] [Lovesick vampire] [Kidnaps you] [Best friend back from the dead] [Resisting your blood] [Hypnosis]
Sea Siren Takes Care of You [F4M] [Trapping you] [FDom] [Dangerous but sweet] [Whispers & water sounds]
Worried Nurse Cares For You [F4A] [Nurse x patient] [Power out] [Storm] [Checking your vitals] [Comforting] [Soothing you to sleep]
Your Yandere Kidnapper Finds Out You Have Low Self-Esteem [F4A] [Yandere] [Kidnapping] [Comfort] [Comfort for Depression] [Comfort for Low Self-Esteem] [Sweet]
Last Night on Earth [F4A] [Friends to lovers] [Astronaut] [Confession] [Emotional]
Our first anniversary [F4A] [Wife] [Love letter] [Sleep aid] [Soothing] [Kisses] [I adore you]
Playful girlfriend distracts you [F4A] [Needy] [Pleading] [Pinning me down] [Cuddles]
Practising for the play [F4A] [Friends to lovers] [Shy listener] [Confident, popular girl]
Two catgirls take care of you [ft. darlingstrawb] [F4A] [Personal attention] [Cuddles]
Helpless vampire [Part 2] [F4A] [Part 2] [Waking up together] [Enamoured with you] [Sweet] [Shy] [Grateful]
Helpless vampire [Part 1] [F4A] [Secretly a vampire] [In danger] [Desperate] [Reassurance] [Acceptance]
On Duty [F4A] [TW: Domestic violence] [Bandaging you] [Worried] [Very protective] [Affirmations]
Babysitter cuddles you [F4A] [Friends to lovers] [Power cut] [Tending to your wound] [Preview]
Cute barista comforts you [Part 3] [F4A] [Headache?] [Let me massage you]
Cute barista comforts you [Part 2] [F4A] [Sick Listener] [Supportive]
Cute barista comforts you [Part 1] [F4A] [Talkative barista] [Bonding] [Comfort]
Bridesmaid falls for you [F4M] [Friends to lovers] [Wedding] [Attraction] [British/American accents]
Caught kissing your shy lab assistant [F4M] [Colleagues to lovers] [Admiring you] [Sweet]
Proposing to your girlfriend at Disneyworld [F4A] [Proposal] [In love] [Happy] [Excited]
Best friend confesses after your break up [F4A] [Friends to lovers] [Worried] [Protective] [Confession]
Tomboy roommate lays in your lap whilst gaming [F4A] [Tomboy] [Teasing] [Accidental confession] [Awkward but sweet] [Cuddles]
Your crush catches you putting a letter into her locker [F4A] [Shy listener] [Sweet] [Inviting you to sit with me] [Pizza date?]
Welcome, Witcher [F4M] [Witcher Universe] [Strangers to ?] [Stitching you up] [Admiration] [Take my bed] [Flirty]
Curious wolf girl visits your tent [Strangers to Friends] [Head scratching] [Talking] [Cuddling]
Clingy girlfriend begs you to stay [F4A] [Rainy morning] [Pleading] [Affection] [Intimate]
Captain's daughter cuts a deal with you [F4A] [Tending to your wounds] [Captured] [Negotiating]
Taking the princess to the tavern [F4A] [Knight listener] [Protective] [Sneaking out] [Dancing] [Fun] [Sweet]
Giantess cuddles you [F4A] [Giant] [Making a deal] [Cuddles]
Strict maid takes care of you [F4M] [Noble man] [Comfort] [Rest] [Helping you sleep]
Surprising your long-distance relationship girlfriend [F4A] [Excited to see you] [Unexpected] [Snuggles] [Sweet]
Goth girl dates you [F4A] [PART 2] [Injury] [Patching you up] [Cold to vulnerable] [Sharing things with you]
Your fairy can finally cuddle you [F4A] [Confession] [Reverse comfort] [Cuddles] [I'm yours now πŸ’œπŸ₯Ί]
Q&A for 60K subs! ^~^ β™₯ [Q & A]
On Call [F4A] [Exes to lovers] [TW: Mentions of Domestic Violence] [Protective] [I still love you]
Holding you [F4A] [Worried about you [Lay in my lap] [Shh, you don't know what you want]
Quiet girl gives you tingles [ASMR] [F4A] [Ear brushing] [Water sounds] [Gentle, sleepy triggers]
Vampire teases you [Part 1] [F4A] [Vampire] [British] [Dusk] [First encounter]
Cosy, Autumn morning [F4A] [Waking up together] [Girlfriend] [Playful] [Cuddles]
Ex-girlfriend shows up at the hospital [F4A] [Exes to lovers] [Worried about you] [Taking you home]
You're never a burden [F4A] [Girlfriend] [Comfort for anxiety attack] [Reassurance]
Vampire bathes & claims you [Part 2] [F4A] [Tavern vampire] [Second meeting] [My pet] [Binaural]
Thicc goth girl corners you [F4A] [Shy listener] [Strangers to lovers] [Teasing you] [Tsundere]
Captured by the Countess [Part 3] [F4A] [Possessive] [Crypt cuddles] [Vampire]
Pestered by an imp [F4A] [Teasing] [Mischievous] [Tsundere] [American accent]
With You, I'd Never Face the World Alone [F4A] [Fantasy] [Princess] and her [Knight] [Confession] [Ever So Sweet] [Thank You] [Don’t Leave Me] [L-Bombs] [Plot Heavy] [Shy Speaker] [Emotional] [Reverse Comforted by a Sleeping Listener]
Bought by a vampire [You belong to me now] [Protective] [Kind Owner] [Blood Sucking] [Comforting]
Sleeping on your girlfriend's chest [1 hour sleep aid] [ASMR] [Rain sounds] [Heart beat] [Sheets rustling] [Head scratches]
I love you all the world [F4M] [Needy girlfriend] [Bedtime] [I missed you] [I adore you] [Sweet] [Cute] [Nuzzles] [Snuggles] [Kisses] [ASMR]
Popular girl protects you [F4A] [Friends to lovers] [Bullied listener] [Cleaning up your cut] [Confession]
Kissing you back to sleep [F4A] [Nightmare comfort] [Protective girlfriend] [Cuddling] [Heartbeat sounds] [Syrupy sweet] [Extended ambience] [Sleep aid]
Let me hold you [F4M] [First girlfriend] [Gentle] [Reverse confession] [Intimate] [I'll take the lead]
Thicc dommy girlfriend [F4A] [Distracting you at work] [Struggling into jeans] [Sitting on your lap] [You laying in my lap] [Heartbeat] [Affirmations]
Ex-girlfriend wants you back [F4A] [Reconnecting] [Second chance] [I still love you] [Kissing] [Emotional] [Sweet]
Hiding in a locker with your crush [Shy listener] [Meanie to cosy Peaches] [Tension] [Teasing you] [Intimate] [You're different to what I thought] [Date meee plz]
Blanket fort cuddles [F4A] [Girlfriend] [Working from home] [Snuggles] [Super sweet] [Relaxing]
The Log Cabin (Remake) [F4A] [Friends to lovers] [Best friends] [Secluded cabin] [Cooking together] [Being goofy] [Strong bond] [Hugs] [Fireplace cuddles] [Confession] [Thunderstorm]
Touch Starved Fairy [F4A] [Best friends] [Fairy friend] [Comforting her] [Learning to hug] [Rain sounds]
Waking up with your best friend's sister (Part 3) [F4A] [Friends to lovers] [Waking up together] [Fighting off Jessica] [Confessing to my brother] [Holding you] [Hair strokes]
Hestia Comforts You [F4A] [Big sister vibes] [Warming you up] [Comfort] [Greek Mythology]
Living next door to love [Girl Next Door] [Strangers to Lovers] [Confession] [Start of Something New] [Kisses] [Comfort] for [Anxiety] [Nervous] [Introverts At A Party] [Cozy] [Thoughtful Ramblings by The Fire] [Script by LiveJoker]
Sisters comfort you after a break up (Collab with Endearin' Audio) [F4A] [Comforting] [Protective] [Sweet] [Cuddles] [Reassurance]
Childhood friend confesses [F4A] [Friends to lovers] [Childhood friend] [You're leaving] [Tension] [Confession] [In the car whilst it rains outside]
Comfort during exams [F4A] [Girlfriend] [Reassurance] [Heart to heart] [Adoration] [Sweet]
Coming out to your family [F4A] [LGBTQ+ listener] [Complete acceptance] [Unconditional love]
Best friend's sister teaches you how to kiss
(part 4)
[F4A] [Shy listener] [Camping with my family] [Midnight make-out] [Teasing you] [Shh they'll hear us] [Soft & sleepy] [Cuddles]
Stuck in an elevator with your employee [Friends to lovers] [Boss x employee] [Crush] [Confession] [Tension] [Kisses]
Strangers on a train [F4A] [Strangers to ?] [Getting to know each other] [Shy] [Planning to meet up] [Cute]
Getting me into detention [F4A] [Enemies to lovers] [Cold to understanding] [Detention together] [Making up]
Bloodflow [F4A] [Friends to lovers] [Super shy new girl] [Nervous] [Sweet] [Confession]
7 minutes in heaven [Strangers to lovers] [Shy Peaches] [Intimate] [Tension] [Confession first] [Sweet, warm balcony talk]
Teased by your best friend's sister [part 2] [F4A] [Best friend's sister] [Teasing] [Date] [Protective] [Sticking up for you] [Giggles] [Confession]
Miss Claus [F4A] [Christmas Eve] [Shy listener] [Caught by you] [Reconnecting] [Fireplace] [Sweet]
Teased by your best friend's sister [F4A] [Older girl] [Long time crush] [Teasing you] [Secret kissing]
The Little Prince - entire book [F4A] [Entire book] [90+ mins] [Sleep aid] [Rain sounds] [Soft spoken] [91:43]
Sleepy love [F4A] [Girlfriend] [Midnight cuddles] [Adoring you] [Soft spoken] [14:27]
Q&A Livestream (YouTube) [Thank you for 20k!] [95:50]
Pumpkin carving together [F4A] [Goofy] [Spooky stories] [45 mins] [Demon Peaches?] [Sweet] [Wholesome] [Improvised] [Happy Halloween!] [45:50]
Icelandic Adventure [F4A] [Older girlfriend] [Adventure] [Vacation] [Loving] [Sweet] [Heartfelt] [Wholesome] [20:40]
My first kiss [F4A] [G4E] [Reverse comfort] [My first relationship] [Power out] [Nervous] [Shy] [First kiss] [Cuddles under blankets] [Sweet] [09:19]
Waking up in each other's arms [F4A] [Friends to lovers] [Accidental cuddling][Excuses][Denial] [Vulnerable] [Confession] [15:32]
You fell down? [F4A] [Girlfriend] [You're hurt] [Worried] [Taking care of you] [Fussing over you] [No one hurts my baby] [Sweet] [10:40]
Wishing on a star [F4A] [Friends to lovers] [Sharing a hammock] [Star gazing] [Intimate] [Sweet] [Kisses] [British accent] [19:41]
The log cabin - Part 2 [F4A] [Friends to lovers] [Confession aftermath] [Showering together] [Cuddles] [Singing] [Fireplace] [British accent] [23:53]
Adoption day [F4M] + [F4A] [Adopting you] [Little one] [Gentle] [Coming home] [Fireplace] [Affirmations] [Good boy/girl] [Blanket snuggles] [Hair brushing] [Story time] [Sleepy cuddles] [British accent]
The Enchantment Ball [F4M] [Friends to Lovers] [Prom] [Emotional] [Reminiscing] [Intimate] [Reverse confession] [L-bomb] [Kisses] [Adorable] [18:42]
Cuddles are magic [F4A] [Friends to Lovers] [Tsundere] [Caught in the rain] [Magic, warming cuddles] [Confession] [Kisses] [British accent] [Script Fill] [13:48]
The Night Train [F4A] [Friends to Lovers] [University students] but [Old friends reconnecting] [Travelling through India] [Overnight sleeper train] [Sharing a bunk] [Intimate] [Reminiscing] [Cuddles] [Whispers] [Kisses] [British accent] [15:54]
Can I come cuddle in your lap? [F4M] + [F4F] [Script Fill] [Girlfriend] [Lap cuddles] [Sweet rambles] [Comfort] [Kisses] [Goofy] [British accent] [08:04]
As sweet as Ο€ [F4M] [Friends to Lovers] [Study buddies to lovers] [Library] [Studying together] [Reverse comfort] [Misunderstanding] [A little emotional] [Confession] [Hand holding] [British accent] [10:37]
The NYE reunion party [F4A] [Old flame] [Reconnecting] [Reunion party] [Confessions] [Apologies] [Sweet] [Reconciliation] [British accent] [08:29]
Love will find you [F4A] [Best friend] [Hangout night] [Relationship advice] [I'm worried about you] [New mindset] [Positive] [British accent] [14:56]
The sweetest haircut [F4A] [Strangers to lovers] [Chatty hairdresser] [Intimate haircut] [Compliments] [Giggles] [Attraction] [Dating] [British accent] [09:55]
Holding you for the first time [F4A] [G4E] [Your first relationship] [First time being held] [Inexperienced listener] [Guidance] [Comfort] [Sweet] [British accent] [08:42]
Comfort for test anxiety [F4A] [G4E] [Comfort for upcoming exams/tests] [Reassurance] [Heart to heart] [Adoration] [Sweet] [British accent] [5:27]
Morning cuddles [F4A] [G4E] [Slow morning] [Sleepy] [Sunrise] [Playful] [Cuddles] [So many kisses] [Loving] [Very sweet] [Music] [British accent] [21:10]
Twins help you to sleep [FF4A] [Trainee sleep therapists] [Dorm buddies] [Whispers] [Cuddles] [Bedtime story] [Some ASMR] [British accent] [17:56]
Adventure to New Zealand [F4A] [Friends to Lovers] [Travelling together] [Intimate] [Adventure] [Sweet] [Cuddles] [Kisses] [British accent] [37:41]
Baby, come here [F4A] [Girlfriend experience] [Comfort] [Very gentle dom] [Reassurance] [Self care advice] [Kisses] [Rain sounds (extended)] [British accent] [14:54]
I diagnose you as sleepy! [F4A] [School nurse] [Sleep aid] [Comforting] [Concerned] [Caring] [Calm] [Rain sounds] [Stroking your cheek] [ASMR] [British accent] [13:40]
Drift off with me [F4A] [Sleep aid] [Comfort] [You be little spoon] [Snuggles in bed] [ASMR] [Dream with Peaches] [British accent] [9:27]
The rainstorm [F4M] [Friends to lovers] [ASMR] [Your breakup] [Cheer you up] [Comfort] [Rainstorm] [Powercut] [Reverse comfort] [Cuddles] [Confession] [Kisses] [British accent] [25:37]
I got you [F4M] [Big sister] [Gentle fdom] [Comfort] [Cuddles] [Reassurance] [Support] [Soft spoken] [British accent] [11:51]
I'm so happy we're finally getting a pet! [F4A] [Wife experience] [Pet shop] [Looking for a pet] [Excited] [Sweet] [Wholesome] [Playful] [Giggles] [I love you] [Kisses] [Stereo] [British accent] [14:56]
I want you to just relax.. [F4A] [Girlfriend experience] [Bedtime] [Playful] [Soothing] [Helping you sleep] [Comfort] [All the cuddles] [Stroking your arm] [Whispers] [Binaural] [British accent] [13:45]
Baby, I missed you [F4M] + [F4F] [Girlfriend/wife experience] [You be little spoon] [Appreciation after time apart] [I missed you] [Body appreciation] [Caressing] [Sensual] [Whispers] [Rain sounds] [British accent] [7:00]
Bedtime appreciation and snuggles [F4A] [Girlfriend experience] [Playful] [I missed you] [A little shy] [Whispers] [Things I love about you] [L-bomb] [Sweet rambles] [Yawns] [British accent] [11:41]
I miss you! Come on Discord so I can annoy you c: [F4A] [Best friend] [Listen to me as you work] [Discord] [League of Legends] [I miss you] [Babbling] [Clicking and keyboard sounds] [Goofy] [British accent] [11:49]
The perfect moment [F4A] [G4E] [Life in isolation] [Surprise after you worked from home] [Blanket den] [Disney +] [Very sweet] [L-bomb] [Kisses] [All the snuggles] [British accent] [18:41]
Please don't make me beg.. just stay PART TWO [F4A] [Best friends to lovers] [Sleep over] [Giggles] [Playful] [Love confession aftermath] [Whispers] [Improv] [Rain sounds] [British accent] [16:08]
You are enough [F4A] [Reassurance] [Improv] [Loneliness comfort] [Loving][Consensual] [Self esteem and worth booster] [Stop comparing yourself to others] [You are enough] [British accent] [13:24]
Do you want to come lay with me and talk? [F4F] AND [F4M] [Cuddle] [Reassurance] [Soft spoken] [Kindness] [Kisses] [So much love] [Heartfelt] [Kinda goofy] [L-bomb] [British accent]
Bedtime reassurance and story time [F4A] [Very gentle dom] [Reassurance] [Head in my lap] [Bedtime story] [The Little Prince] [Encouragement] [Praise] [Rain sounds] [British accent] [25:20]
Aww baby, you're so warm [F4A] [G4E] [You're sick] [Your head in my lap] [Soft spoken] [Loving] [Cuddles] [Stroking] [Comfort] [Let me take care of you] [L-bomb] [British accent] [07:26]
Adventure at the log cabin with your best friend [F4M] [Friends to lovers] [Log cabin] [Adventure] [Cooking] [Thunderstorm] [Confession] [Cuddles] [Extended rain sounds at the end] [British accent] [32:17]
Please don't make me beg.. just stay [F4M] [Best friends to lovers] [Movie night] [Sleep over] [Lots of giggles] [Playful] [Love confession] [Whispers] [Improv] [British accent] [23:45]
To admire and inspire [Script Fill] [F4A] [Shy] [Reluctance] [Confession] [Admiration] [Kisses] way too [Sweet] [A+ In Love] [British accent]
We're supposed to be working... [F4A] [Shy, Nervous Girl] [Classmates/Friends to Lovers] [Very apologetic] [Awkward Confession] [First Kiss] [School Project] [Small Cuddling] [Script Fill] [British accent] [14:42]
You know my kisses are special, right? [F4M] [Script Fill] [You Are Amazing] [Kisses] [Cuddles] [You're All Mine] [Sweet] [Rambles] [L-bomb] [British accent] [07:58]
You are perfect for me.. <3 [Script Fill] [F4A] [G4E] [Late Night Confession] [Thunderstorm] [British accent][Explaining Why I Love You] [L-bomb] [Special Connection] [Extended Rain At The End]
I'll never leave you.. I promise [F4A] [Friends to Lovers] [Late Night Confession] [Comforting] [Kisses] [L-bomb] [British accent] [14:54]
Can I.. can I snuggle in your lap for a little while? [F4M] [Script Fill] [Lap cuddles] [Lap kisses] [Sweet rambles] [Comfort] [L-bomb] [British accent] [05:33]
Love In A Dark Hallway [F4A] [Script Fill] [G4E] [Reassurance] [Affection] [Nightmare] [Comfort] [Cuddling] [Kisses] [British accent] [16:05]

Patreon Audio Roleplays

Title Tags
A Dippy Day [Girlfriend] [Reverse comfort] [Reassuring your girlfriend] [Slice of life] [Cuddles]
You Are Always Enough [Sleep Aid] [Cuddles] [Slice of life] [Established relationship] [Rambles] [Affirmation] [Playing with my hair]
Sleeper train through Japan β™‘ [Friends to lovers] [Sharing a bed] [Struggling to sleep] [Low self esteem] [No one could ever love me]
Campfire Confessions β™‘ [Friends to lovers] [Campfire] [Awake after everyone goes to sleep] [Cuddles] [Flirty] [Awkwardly sweet] [Confession]
I didn't mean to fall on top of you 😳 [Friends to lovers] [Saving you from unwanted attention] [Alone upstairs at a party] [In the dark] [Lotsss of kisses]
Roommate kisses you and sends a video of it to your ex 😳 [Friends to lovers] [Breakup comfort] [Protective] [Affirmations] [I've got you] [Sweet]
I Like It When You Hold Me β™‘ [Friends to lovers] [Cuddling] [Star gazing] [Roof of your car] [Middle of nowhere] [Confession]
You Don't Have To Love Me Back.. [Friends to lovers] [I was just in the area] [Nervous] [Confession] [Cute] [Wholesome]
Stay In Bed With Me Please πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯° [Needy, loving girlfriend] [Cosy morning] [Bedsheet cuddles] [I love you] [Flustering you] [Pillow talk]
Sheltering With A Stormcast Eternal [Strangers to ?] [Warhammer] [Age of Sigmar] [Thunderstorm] [Holding onto humanity] [Sit in my lap if you want to survive]
Loving Kitsune Girlfriend Snuggles You [Girlfriend] [Back from a long work trip] [I missed you so much] [Kisses] [Compliments & affirmations]
Your Roommate/Crush Confronts You [Friends to lovers] [Roommates] [Jealous] [Double confession]
Entire Christmas Series β™‘ [Episodes 1-16] [4+ hours] [Strangers to friends to lovers] [Christmas time] [Slow burn]
You're Working Too Hard πŸ₯Ί [Girlfriend] [Worried about you] [Stern] [Emotional] [Affirmations] [Comforting and cuddling you]
Early morning whispers [Friends to lovers] [Sleeping on the floor together] [Trying not to wake anyone else] [Whispering]
Falling asleep on the phone with your long distance girlfriend [Girlfriend] [Sleep aid] [Pillow talk] [I missed you] [Guiding you to sleep]
Cuddling On Christmas Eve β™‘ [F4A] [Girlfriend] [Cuddling] [Our first Christmas in our own place] [Reminiscing] [Crackling fire]
NSFW | Making your girlfriend a blushy mess ❀️‍πŸ”₯ [F4A] [Confident listener x shy girlfriend] [Dressed up] [Mean Girls Jingle Bell Rock] [Christmas] [Sitting in your lap] [Leg grinding] [Shy] [Making her orgasm] [Aftercare]
I'm In Love With You β™‘ [F4A] [Friends to lovers] [Unexpectedly sharing a room] [Tickling] [Cuddling] [Confession]
Caught In A Snowstorm [Freezing listener x caring stranger] [Isolated cabin] [Worried about you] [Warming you up] [Cuddling for body warmth] [Reading with you in my lap] [16:59]
Please Don't Break My Heart [F4M] [Ex-lovers to lovers] [Saving your little sister at the club] & [Calling you] [Driving me home]
Hanging By A Moment [Thicc roommate] [Friends to lovers] [Reverse comfort] [Reverse compliments] [Unexpected kissing] [Asking me out]
Unholy Matrimony βΈΈ [Yandere Vampire Bride] [Kidnapped] [Constrained] [It's our wedding day, silly] [Crazy] [Mine forever]
The Movie Flustered Me, Not You.. [Friends to lovers] [In the car after the movies] [Enjoying each other's company] [Mutual rizz] [Confession]
Vampire Girlfriend Turns You - F4F [Vampire] [FDom] [Bonded] [Possessive] [Caring for you] [Slightly constrained]
Vampire Girlfriend Turns You - F4M [Vampire] [FDom] [Bonded] [Possessive] [Caring for you] [Slightly constrained]
Girlfriend Snuggles In Your Lap [F4A] [Girlfriend] [Late at night] [Keeping you company as you work] [Worried about you] [Praise] [Affirmations] [Cuddling] [Falling asleep in your lap]
You Kissed Her?! [F4A] [Friends to lovers] [Jealous best friend] [Stubborn] [In denial] [Confession]
Does This Make My Butt Look Big? [Thicc roommate] [Friends to lovers] [Reverse comfort] [Reverse compliments] [Unexpected kissing] [Asking me out]
Baking With Your Girlfriend [F4A] [Flirty] [Lots of kissing] [Is that a flour handprint on my butt?!] [Goofing around] [Fun] [Slice of life]
Girlfriend Rambles At You Until You Fall Asleep [Cuddling] [Kinda Peaches Teaches] [Deaths of British Monarchs] [Rain] [Comfy]
I'm Sorry For Being Needy [F4A] [Girlfriend] [Reverse comfort] [Needing reassurance] [Sofa den cuddles & movies] [Taking care of me] [Sweet]
Tomboy Cuddles [Part 4] [F4A] [First Time Cuddling] [Watching a Movie] [Awkward to Wholesome]
[NSFW] Dommy Girlfriend Takes Care Of You [F4M/TF/F] [Click for tags/versions]
Roommate Steals Your Clothes [F4M] [Friends to Lovers] [Playful Roommate Flirts with You] [Wearing Your T-shirt Around the House]
Do You Want Me To Be Your Mommy? [F4A/M/F] [Hired Succubus] [Gentle Fdom] [Sleep Aid] [Mommy] [Wholesome] [Former Babysitter] [Cuddling] [Head Scratches]
Fake It Til You Feel It [F4A] [Hot Stranger Helps You Out] [Wanna Make Your Crush Jealous?] [Holiday Romance] [Flirting & Kissing by the Pool]
Pinned Down With Nowhere To Go [F4F] [Friends to lovers] [Goth best friend] [Doing your make-up] [Compliments] [Praise] [Kisses to ?] [Not-So-Wholesome Spiceβ„’]
Warm Afternoon Snuggles [Sleep Aid] [Girlfriend] [Fan blowing] [Humming you to sleep] [Head scratches] [Calming]
Healing Mage Warms To You [Part 3] [Fantasy] [Calming] [Caring] [Sleep aid] [Fireplace sounds]
Sharing Your Best Friend's Bed [F4A] [Friends to lovers] [Tucking you in] [After the party] [Kissing] [Shh, we need to be quiet] [Helping you sleep] [Head scratches] [Sleep aid]
Best Friend Joins You in the Shower [F4A] [Friends to Lovers] [Dommy Vibes] [Steamy]
Sneak Away with Me [F4A] [Friends to Lovers] [Soft Wholesome Goth Girl Wants to Be Your Girlfriend] [Kissing in a Bedroom] [Experienced listener]
I Love You, Always [F4A] [Ex-Girlfriend Comforts You After a Nasty Break-Up] [Ex-Lovers to Lovers] [Gentle Femdom]
Sleepy Cuddles & Rambles [Girlfriend] [Snuggles] [Rain sounds] [Sleep aid]
Motherly Girlfriend Comforts You For Depression [F4M] [Worried] [Caring] [Affirmations] [You're such a good boy] [Reassurance] [I love you] [Safe, warm cuddles]
Girl Next Door Protects You From Your Crazy Ex [F4A] [Tough Girl Shows You Kindness] [Support Against Domestic Violence]
Dominant Roommate Cuts You A Deal [Friends to lovers] [Take photos of me] and [I'll make it up to you] [You want to touch them?] [Teasing you & making you blush] [Not So Wholesome Spiceβ„’]
First Date With Your Tomboy Girlfriend [Part 3] [F4A] [Cafe date] [Adjusting to being a couple] [Wearing a dress] [Embarrassed & awkward] [Trying our best]
Cuddling Your Sick Girlfriend [F4A] [Reverse comfort] [Sleepy] [Playful] [Safe] [Cosy] [Slice of life]
Hawaii Vacation [Part 2] Intimate Dinner 'Date' [Friends to ?] [We don't know each other, let's just have fun] [Asking each other SPICY questions] [Tension]
Hawaii Vacation [Part 1] Sharing A Bed With Your Friend's Friend [F4A] [Thank you for letting me stay with you] [Sleepy] [Acquaintances to friends to ?]
Older Roommate Teaches You How To Kiss [F4M] [FDom] [Praise] [Caring] [Let me guide you] [Pinning you to the bed]
Mommy Takes Care of You [Sick listener] [Good boy/girl] [Affirmations] [Cuddles] [Back/head rubs] [Loving] [Comforting] [TV background noise] [Sleep aid]
Girlfriend Kisses & Cuddles You To Sleep [F4A] [Injured listener] [Long term relationship] [Taking care of you] [Reminiscing] [Loving]
Lycan Girlfriend Gives You Brain-Melting Head Scratches & Cuddles You To Sleep [Girlfriend] [Relaxing] [Reverse comfort] to [Comfort] [Cuddles] [Head scratches] [Sleep aid]
Intimidating Goth Girl Flusters You For A Bet [F4A] [Strangers] [Public place] [Pulling you out of sight] [FDom] [Touch me] [I can't understand you when you whimper]
Vampire Step-Sister NEEDS Your Blood [F4A] [Pinning you down] [FDom] [You think you have a choice?] [I'm just here to use you] [Sleep aid hypnosis]
First Dance With Your Wife [F4A/F/M (3 versions)] [Wedding day] [Intimate moments] [First dance] [Secret balcony kisses] [So in love]
Girlfriend soothes you to sleep after a long day at work [F4A] [Caring] [Hushing] [Affirmations] [Whispers] [Hair stroking] [Head scratches] [Kisses] [Cuddles in my arms] [Sleep aid]
Cute Elf Keeps You In Her Bed & Gives You Tingles [ASMR] [F4A] [Whispered] [Ear to ear whispers, extreme crackles, paper, paper tearing/scrunching, paper cutting & lotion ear massage]
Camping With Your Tomboy Best Friend [Part 2] [Friends to lovers] [Trying to comfort you] [Awkward] [Confession] [Sweet]
Girlfriend Sleeps On Your Chest [F4A] [Raw sleep aid] [No looping, just real audio] [Affirmations] [Whispers] [Cuddles] [Improvised one take] [Real sleeping/rain sounds] [47 minutes long]
Healing Mage Soothes You To Sleep [F4A] [Part 2] [Fantasy] [Calming] [Caring] [Sleep aid] [Rainstorm, fire place & scalp massage sounds]
SUMMONING A DEMON [PART 3] 3 VERSIONS: F4A | F4M | F4F [Jealous] [Possessive] [Pinning you down] [Coaxing you to profess your everlasting love] [Praising you for your loyalty] [Head scratchies] [Affirmations] [Hypnotic-style sleep aid]
I'll Wait Forever [F4A] [Comatose listener] [Girlfriend] [Visiting you] [Extremely emotional] [Loving]
Goth girl takes you to haunted house [F4A] [Friends to lovers] [Slightly tsundere] [Spooky story] [Holding each other]
Love Spell [F4A] [Friends to lovers] [Tomboy witch] [Why won't my spells work on you] [Confession]
I Missed You, I Love You [F4F] [Friends to lovers] [Thunderstorm] [Sleepover] [Confession] [Intimate] [Wholesome Spicy]
Windows to the Soul [F4A] [Strangers to lovers] [Amsterdam] [Taking a picture of your eye] [Intimate] [Sweet] [Torrential rain]
I don't want perfect, I want you [F4A + F4M versions] [Cuddles] [Long affirmations] [Good boy] [Reassurance] [Back rubs] [Comforting]
Kintsugi [F4A] [Girlfriend] [Comfort for self esteem/body image] [Cuddles in bed] [Lots of affirmations] [Reassurance] [You are so special]
Girlfriend plasters your bedroom walls with Henry Cavill posters [F4A] [Short]
Tomboy best friend breaks into your apartment [F4A] [Friends to lovers series] [Worried] [Scared] [Angry] [Affirmations] [You are too good for her] [Protective] [Sleep in my lap]
Babysitter cuddles you during a power cut [F4A] [Friends to lovers] [Power cut] [Tending to your wound] [Affirmations] [Intimate] [Guiding & teaching you to cuddle]
Thicc demon crushes then cuddles you to sleep [F4A] [Sitting on you] [Claiming you] [Guiding & showing you how to cuddle] [Affirmations]
Best friend comforts you [F4A] [Depression] [Concerned] [I'm not leaving you] [Comfort] [Scalp massage]
Hot (girl shares your hammock) [F4A] [Strangers to lovers] [Sharing a hammock] [First time being held] [Gentle Fdom] [Wholesome Spice]
Scalp massage [ASMR] [Head scratchies] [No talking] [Looped]
Waking up next to your roommate [F4A] [Best friends to lovers] [Accidental hand holding] [Skinny love] [Inevitable confession]
Comfort for burnout [F4A] [Worried about you] [Being firm with you] [Affirmations] [Cosy lap cuddles] [Head scratches] [Humming]
The Coffee Date [F4A] [Friends to?] [Breaking off my engagement for you] [Love confession] [Sweet]
Sweet succubus soothes you to sleep [F4A] [Lovers] [Sleep aid] [Whispering] [Affirmations] [Extended rain sounds]
In The Mist [F4A] [Healer mage] [Finding you] [Wounded listener] [Taking care of you] [Part 1]
Under My Spell [F4A] [Gentle witch] [Comforting] [Tea brewing] [Sleepy] [Soft]
Alone Together [F4A] [Strangers to lovers] [Stood up on Valentine's Day] [Getting to know each other] [Flirty] [Sweet]
Eye of the Storm [F4A] [Friends to lovers] [Roommates] [Thunder storm] [Confession] [Reverse comfort] [Cuddles]
No expectations [F4A] [Big/tall listener] [Girlfriend] [Comfort] for [Societal expectations] [You don't have to carry everything] [I'm here for you] [My teddy bear] [Cuddles]
Sick girl ASMR [Showing you random objects] [Whispers] [Ridiculous yet delicious tingles] [This is why I don't do ASMR haha]
Cuddling: 101, with Professor Peaches [F4A] [Teacher x student] [Shy student] [Very softly spoken] [Sleep aid] [Gentle] [Show me what you've learned?]
After work cuddles [F4A] [Girlfriend/wife] [Slice of life] [Laying on your chest] [I missed you] [Planning to spend time together]
Cuddles by the fireplace [F4A] [Girlfriend] [Finished wrapping presents] [Crackling fireplace] [Cuddling up to a sleepy you] [Napping] [Sleeping sounds]
Big sister tucks you in on Christmas Eve [F4A] [Big sister/young listener] [Excited] [Special tuck in] [Christmas story] [Cosy] [Loving] [Rain sounds]
Girlfriend brings you breakfast in bed [F4A] [Waking you with kisses] [Comfy cuddles] [Sweet] [Loving] [Affectionate]
Ghost girl wants to be friends [F4A] [Strangers to friends] [Shy, awkward and goofy] [Despondent to happy] [Accepting me] [Sweet]
The night flight [F4A] [Co-workers to lovers] [Overnight flight] [Comfort for fear of flying] [Confession] [Lay in my lap] [Comfort]
Shy vampire thralls you for cuddles [F4A] [You weren't supposed to wake up yet!] [I wanted to know what cuddling felt like] [Apologising] [Mutual cuddles at the end] [American accent]
Summoning a demon.. again [F4A] [Part 2] [Fdom] [Giant] [Affection] [Cuddles] [Head scratchies] [Kisses] [Intimate] [Teeny bit spicy maybe idk]
School nurse takes care of you [F4A] [Colleagues] [Not just a children's nurse] [Examining you] [ASMR sounds] [Head scratchies] [Sweet]
Cuddles & affirmations on a tough day [F4A] [Girlfriend] [Sleeping on my chest] [Comforting] [Playful] [Head scratchies] [Cosy & rainy] [Swaddled in blankets]
The project [F4A] [Popular listener] [Paired with the shy girl] [Home alone] [Confession] [Kisses] [Lap grinding] [Lap cuddles] [Sweet] [26:24]
Cuddles & video games [F4A] [Girlfriend] [No, keep playing!] [I just wanna cuddle you] [Comfy] [Sweet] [Falling asleep in your lap] [Slice of life]
Meeting at midnight β™‘ (Spicier verison) [F4M] [Beach walk] [Ex-lovers to lovers] [Making up] [Cuddles] [Star watching] [Teasing you] [Sultry] [I kiss you, you touch me?] [A little spicay]
Meeting at midnight β™‘ (Wholesome) [F4A] [Beach walk] [Ex-lovers to ?] [Making up] [Cuddles] [Star watching]
Your morning dose of sweetness [F4A] [Your cute local barista girl] [Remembering your name] [Flirty & sweet] [Giving you my number]
Snuggle time [F4A/F4F/F4M] [Protective girlfriend] [Comforting you] [Pet names] [Good boy/girl] [Kisses] [Gentle fdom] [I'll always protect you]
Your personal sleep-aid girl [F4A] [Professional lap cuddles] [Your reward] [Head scratches] [Ear kisses] [Sleep aid] [Affirmations] [Rain, blanket & heartbeat sounds]
Fallen Star [F4A] [Fantasy] [Lost in the woods] Human x star] [Tragic love story] [Romantic] [Sweet]
Stormy snuggles [Sleep aid] [No talking] [Lap cuddles] [Head scratches] [Rainstorm] [Heartbeat] [30 minutes]
I love you, Master! [F4A] [Puppy girl] [Affectionate] [Pet] [Master] [Adorable] [Happy to see you] [Cuddles] [Headpats] [Sweet]
Practising for the play [F4A] [Friends to lovers] [Shy listener] [Confident, popular girl] [Lead roles in a play] [Practising at your place]
First time kissing a girl [F4F] [Friends to lovers] [Party] [Alone in a closet] [Nervous] [Gentle to passionate kissing] [Thigh grinding] [Wholesome spice] [10:20]
Learning to love again [F4A] [Strangers to lovers] [Letting me stay with you] [Sharing a bed] [Reverse comfort] [Long cuddles] [Rain sounds] [19:51]
Loving you from afar [F4A] [Part 3] [Older girlfriend series] [Missing you] [Voice note] [All the love & praise] [4:20]
Helpless Vampire Girl [F4A] [Part 2] [Waking up together] [Enamoured with you] [Sweet] [Shy] [Grateful] [16:04]
Girlfriend tries to distract you from work! [F4A] [I need hugs] [Clingy] [Mwah] [I need youuuu] [You're mine after work] [3:13]
Meeting in the library [F4A] [Harry Potter universe] [Hogwarts library] [Strangers to friends] [Cute] [Helping you] [Planning a dinner date in the Great Hall] [7:48]
Captured by the Countess [F4A] [Part 3] [Vampire] [Close cuddles] in my [Crypt] [Let me own you] [Obsessed] [Head scratches] [Breathy] [Thunder & rain] [15:12]
Big sister comforts you [F4A] [Feeling down] [Aggressive cuddles] [Let me take care of you, dummy] [I've got you] [Gentle skin stroking] [11:15]
Morning Snuggles [F4A] [Girlfriend] [Pillow talk] [Rainy morning] [Kisses] [Ear to ear] [Clingy] [6:22]
Vampire step-mom wants your blood [F4A] [Midnight] [Eastern European accent] [Gentle fdom] [I know you know what I am] [Making a deal with you] [Head scratchies & snugs for blood] [Let me baby you] [Praise] [17:02]
Waking you up for cuddles [F4A] [Relationship] [Me-on-top cuddles] [I am not in the mood!] but rain check? [Body comfort] [Head scratchies] [Kisses] [Sleep aid] [Extended rain sounds] [19:42]
Everything is going to be okay [F4A] [Girlfriend] [Comfort] [Affirmations] [Cuddling you] [Head scratchies]
Nightmare comfort with mama [F4M] [F4F + F4A versions available] [Cuddles] [My baby] [Good boy] [Reassurance] [Head strokes] [Heartbeat] [Rain sounds] [Super sleep aid]
Let me take care of you [F4A] [Nurse x patient] [Ex-lovers] [Taking care of you] [Maybe a little spark remains] [Personal attention] [Feeding you] [Head rubs]
Warming up after rain [F4A] [Girlfriend] [Sleeping in your lap] [Wood cabin] [Cosy] [So much love for you] [Wind, rain & fireplace sounds]
Belated Valentines Day [F4A] [Established relationship] [House move] [Reminiscing] [Cuddles] [Fireplace sounds] [Slice of life]
Space log - day 55 [F4A] [Established relationship] [Long distance relationship] because I'm in [Space] [Missing you] [Lots of affection] [Soft singing] [Goodnight]
Sweet, sleepy morning kisses [F4A] [Girlfriend] [All the kisses] [Lots of attention] [Canadian Rockies] [Spontaneous getaway] [Snuggled up in bed] [Snow fall] [Fireplace sounds]
Holding you [F4A] [Girlfriend] [Giving you some TLC] [Lay in my lap] [Shh, you don't know what you want] [Come to me] [Kisses] [Cosy] [All the love]
Comfort during tough holidays [F4A] [Girlfriend] [New Years Eve] [Praise] [Affirmations] [Lap cuddles]
Virtual date night [F4A] [Girlfriend] [Isolation] [Date night] [Sweet] [Missing you]
Clingy girlfriend snuggles you [F4A] [Rainy morning] [Clingy] [Pleading] [Affection] [Intimate] [Lots and lots of loving UwU]
Doing your makeup [FREEBIE] [F4F] [Friends to lovers] [Compliments] [Cute] [Realisation] [Sweet] [ASMR] [Improv] [16:33]
Truth or dare [F4A] [Friends to lovers] [50+ minutes] [Intimate] [Powerout] [Sharing a bed] [Comfort] [Truth or dare] [THANK YOU FOR 100+ PATRONS] [54:10]
The truth [F4A] [Friends to lovers] [Best friend] [Comfort after break up] [Frustration] [You always go for that type of girl] [I can't do this anymore] [Confession] [13:28]
Positivity rambling [Things can be tough but you are tougher] [Happiness is a mood, positivity is a mindset] [You got this] [15:41]
Helpless vampire girl [F4A] [Secretly a vampire] [Helpless] [In danger] [Desperate] [Reassurance] [Acceptance] [12:37]
Summoning a demon [F4A] [Halloween] [Demon] [Fdom] [Possessive] [Seductive] [Snuggles] [I've never held a human before]
Naps during an autumnal rainfall [F4A] [Girlfriend] [Dark evening] [Rain] [Rambling] [Fall vibes] [Cuddles] [Improv] [20:59]
Script writing during the rain [Study aid] [Rain fall] [Quiet talking] [Keyboard sounds] [15:36]
Basket of peaches [F4F] [F4F] [Futuristic] [Clone] [Sent to serve you] [Shy] [Very nervous] [12:11]
Basket of peaches [F4M] [F4M] [Futuristic] [Clone] [Sent to serve you] [Shy] [Very nervous] [12:06]
A light in the world [F4A] [Sneaking onto your computer] [Leaving you a goofy audio message] [Awful jokes] [Giggles] [Sweet] [You are so wonderful] [Improv] [07:15]
Horror movie comfort [F4A] [Girlfriend] [Scaredy Cat] [Watching through my fingers counts] [Reverse comfort] [Cuddles] [Rocking] [Hair stroking] [10:21]
You came all this way? [F4A] [Girlfriend] [Long distance relationship] [Coming to mine unexpectedly] [Night time] [Emotional to hyper] [Sweet] [Bedtime snuggles] [I really missed you] [17:09]
Moving day [F4A] [Engaged] [Finally homeowners] [Talk of the future] [Sweet] [Cuddles]
I miss you [F4A] [Voicemail] [Long distance] [Clingy girlfriend] [Sweet] [Improv]
The chemical reaction [F4M] [Colleagues to Lovers] [Your lab assistant] [Getting caught] [High school] [Kisses] [Shy] [Admiration] [Super sweet]
I love you all the world [F4M] [Needy girlfriend] [Bedtime] [I missed you] [I adore you] [Sweet] [Cute] [Nuzzles] [Snuggles] [Kisses] [ASMR]
One Year Anniversary [F4A] [Your wife] [Love letter] [Sleep aid] [Soothing] [Kisses] [I adore you]
To have and to hold [F4M] [Friends to Lovers] [Wedding] [Bridesmaid x guest] [Attraction] [British and American accents]
Sleepy rambles [F4A] [Barely awake] [Rambling] [Whispers] [Rain sounds] [Breathy] [I want you to sleep]
The reasons I love you [F4A] [G4E] [Older girlfriend] [Gentle fdom] [Reassurance] [Praise] [Reasons I love you] [Cuddles]
Mommy cleans your ears [F4A] [ASMR] [Nurturing] [Sweet] [Bedtime routine]
Girlfriend tries ASMR [F4A] [Making bedtime tea for you] [Relaxing] [Cuddling] [Goofy attempts at ASMR] [Head scratches] [Rain sounds]
Ear examination [F4A] [ASMR roleplay][Whispers] [Binaural] [17:00]
Eye examination [F4A] [Nurse] [Soft spoken] [Whispers] [Kind] [Gentle] [Relaxing] [ASMR] [Binaural] [British accent] [13:52] [FREE]

CEO Series audios

Title Tags
Meeting Your Boss [Part 1] [F4A] [Nervous listener] [Impatient boss] to [Understanding] [Supportive] [Soft spot for you] [9:33]
Catching You After Hours [Part 2] [F4A] [Listener working late] [Alone with your boss] [Concerned about you] [Protecting you] [Making sure you eat] [4:52]

Peachy Series audios

Title Tags
[Vampire series] Incarnate Inn [F4A] [Vampire] [Inn] [Fdom] [Weary traveller] [Bathing] [Relaxation]
[Vampire series] Helpless Hunter [F4A] [Vampire] [Dusk] [Fdom] [First encounter] [Binaural]
[Hairdresser series] You missed a spot [F4A] [Second date] [Playful] [Painting] [My place] [Takeout] [Movie] [Cuddles] [Kisses]
[Hairdresser series] The first date [F4A] [First date] [Playful] [Teasing] [Bowling] [Midnight stroll] [Connection] [Cute] [Second date?]

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